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Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology has been practiced for over four thousand years. Just as Thai Yoga Massage originated from India and China, so did this therapy, and was further developed from massage techniques derived in China, Korea and Japan.

It was discovered in the Orient that, through the application of pressure to various parts of the feet, the whole body could be treated - including the mind. Many receivers of this treatment will attest to feeling very relaxed and stress-free after treatment.

Therefore, not only does Thai Foot Reflexology serve to remedy physical health concerns, it can also make you feel great - and your feet feel wonderful too!

Furthermore, it is also suitable for those who like a deep pressured massage. This is because, unique to this treatment, the reflex points are stimulated by the use of a wooden stick. However, should you prefer a lighter touch, this is also possible.

Other benefits of Thai Foot Massage include:

• Reduced stiffness
• Increased flexibility
• Improved circulation
• Lymphatic drainage stimulation

A one hour Thai foot reflexology costs £60