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Women have been applying lotions and creams to themselves for two thousand years.  Since that date, women have sought to improve the techniques to make their skins smoother, softer, younger looking and more radiant.  In recent years, with the advance of science, women can benefit from the latest techniques, creams and lotions.  These advances have been seized upon by men for the very same reasons and Specialist Massage Therapies have a client base of both sexes.

Specialist Massage Therapies use organic products, which are suitable for all skin types.

Treatments are normally recommended every four to six weeks, the time it takes for the skin to regenerate.

At the end of a facial your skin should be fully cleansed, have improved texture and appearance, nourished, firmer, fresher, younger and radiant.

Or, alternatively, have a massage and a facial to relax you and make you look good before having a great night out.

A one hour facial costs £70